What Is the Definition of Escalation

It is like an escalation in the arms race, and it is understandable that no one wants to disarm alone. The result was a tragic escalation of sectarian anger and retaliation that continues to this day. Increase in the intensity or geographical scope of a war or diplomatic confrontation. For example, during the Korean War, some Americans pushed for an escalation of the war by bombing the People`s Republic of China. The concern is that a public indictment would lead to an escalation. There were several reasons for this rapid climbing in a program that should have been a limited program. In response to the latest request, Intuit`s lawyers took the rare step of escalating matters by filing a petition calling on FTC commissioners to intervene and significantly limit the scope of what they had to produce. An escalation is an increase or growth. If there is an escalation of tensions between two countries, it means that things between them have become much more tense. An escalation of bombing in Iraq and Syria would push them upwards. First, legal sex workers may threaten to call the police in frightening situations, which can prevent violent escalation. In short, it had all the preconditions for a nuclear offensive exercise, which was part of an escalation of Russian long-range operations around the world.

Many books have been written about the escalation of hostility through the language of political and ideological discourse. A climb in Christmas tree prices means your Christmas decorations will get more expensive this year, and an escalation of violence in a particular country will likely keep you from traveling there until things calm down. When something gets bigger or more intense, there is an escalation. The word comes from the verb escalate, which in turn is a regression of escalators. The Latin root of the three words is scala or “scale.” A Clinton-like intervention to stop an escalation will be a difficult act. Apple has further escalated its battle with Epic Games, filing a counterclaim to prevent the game maker from using its own payment system for Fortnite. Washington, in particular, has refused to do anything that could escalate. Amid escalating border tensions, India is staging a kind of trade war against China. Given the potential for escalation of a cyber-tit-for-tat, Obama has even more incentive to find a diplomatic solution. The most important thing, he and these experts, was to find an environment in which insults never degenerate into violence.

The investigator said he would escalate the case and see if the institution had filed any other suspicious claims. It has and certainly contributed to aggravating the crisis by providing this militarist response. Discussions about banning TikTok quickly became a reality as countries continue to investigate the potential threat to the security and the platform`s data and security policies. If Rwanda crossed the border in response, it would greatly exacerbate the war and humanitarian crisis. .